Sol Tourism North is a company dedicated to tourism since February 2006, being our task innovation and development of tourism in the great north. Our services are focused to improve the quality and preservation of environment and natural resources, meeting the needs of our customers.

We currently have a range of services and tourism inputs among which:
Tourist packages. We have tours within the city of Arica, Valles, altiplano and national parks.
Study tours. We made trips with student groups to destinations north and south of Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil.
Passenger transportation. urban, suburban and international transfers, in such vehicles, trucks, Jeep 4x4, minivan, minibuses, buses Pullman. With own or subleased giving confidence and security vehicles, strictly following the requirements required by the authority.
Rental of vehicles. We have car rental, car rental with or without driver
Inputs for Tourism lease. We have camping equipment, electricity generators, tents and Canadian type igloo, sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses, blankets, mesons, Cookery, utensils in general.
Sol Tourism North want to be a company that values ??and develops products for domestic and international markets that are totally viable. Working under the concept of total quality with a vocation of service to customers. In several areas the category tourism, especially in the continued development and less impact on our natural resources and cultural heritage.
We are a travel agency 100% ariqueña, solid professionally trained in the ámbitoturístico and business that offers different types of integrated services to meet the most demanding needs of our customers with the highest quality standards.
PROFESSIONALISM: Perform with enthusiasm, interest and efficiency The mandated tasks, enriching them with our knowledge and experience.
COMMITMENT: Acting availability, conviction and commitment in fulfilling our obligations.
TEAMWORK: Sumar talents, efforts and knowledge, as one of the most important form of work.
HONESTY: To guide our behavior towards righteousness, honesty, truthfulness and integrity at all times.
CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION: permanently for new ideas to improve our products and services.
The company TOURISM SUN NORTH, is committed to providing our clients. Reliable service aimed at meeting their expectations by the effectiveness of a system of continuous improvement.
Perform tourist services on specifications agreed with our clients.
Maintaining the quality of our services through continuous improvement that allows preserve the recognition of our customers.
Meet the quality and quantity at the time agreed.
Increase the level of customer satisfaction regarding the services offered by the Company.
Ensure the competence and skills of staff involved in product realization.