Peru and Bolivia Tours

In Peru and Bolivia, you can enjoy its beautiful landscapes, culture and gastronomy.

Peru is a country that has varied attractions, due to its culture, geographic regions, rich history and gastronomy, in the we can find Ica that is known for being the region of sand and sea, oasis and valleys. Puno located on the shores of Lake Titicaca with deep marine blue waters. Lima that is the Capital of Peru and formerly of the richest viceroyalty of South America. Chiclayo It is a thriving city and the biggest economic, commercial and tourist center of the north coast of Peru. Cusco, which is the oldest city in America, in streets, platforms and monuments reflects the wisdom and art of the Inca Empire. Highlights include Machu Picchu, Sacsayhuaman, Inca Trail and colonial churches and temples. Arequipa has one of the most beautiful squares in Peru, a historical center with beautiful colonial monuments and surrounded by the canyons of colca and cotahuasi.
Bolivia is culture, it is adventure, it is ecotourism, it is this and much more. Come to know and enjoy an unforgettable trip. La Paz: Queen of the Altiplano. Chuquisaca: The Legend has a name. Sucre, Sajama National Park: A tourist attraction little known at the moment. The Pantanal: Know its wonders is one of the largest floodplains in the world. The Amboró National Park, Chaco, Yungas and Amazonia. The Takesi Route: The Inca Trail, Cochabamba, Quilloco, Pairumani, Tiquipaya, Toro Toro, Samaipata, Mercado Misiones de Bolivia, Historical Works of Evangelization, La Chiquitania and La Magnifica Potosí: One of the oldest, famous and More history of America.